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Save the Selvage BK
Save the Selvage BK Price: $24.99 
Don't say you haven't been warned. STOP tossing those selvages and start SAVING them!
Once upon a time, we as quilters would cut off and throw away the selvage pieces from the fabric before we started our projects. After all, we didn't want that thicker, boring fabric to disturb the pretty piecework. But those days are gone! Sandy Thompson has written the perfect book to turn those otherwise neglected edge pieces into fast, fun, and totally addicting projects! Save the Selvages gives you the instruction and inspiration to see those edges in a totally different light! Now you can upcycle those marvelous selvages into remarkable new projects.
Fast and Fun Projects! Sandy has designed this book so that all the projects start with the same technique: complete your 8" Foundation(s). Then flip to your favorite project and get going! Since most of the projects use the same starting pieces, you can choose to make your Foundations as you need them or create a big stash of Foundations to pull from when you feel the need to create.
Great for All Sewers! This great book is perfect for beginner, intermediate, and advanced quilters. If you like to sew, you'll like these projects! Keep some for yourself, give others away as gifts. Whatever you do, no two projects will be exactly the same!
C Save the Selvages is both the ultimate fun project and a terrific small project book, It offers full-color, clear instructions for the following:
Boxy Tote eReader Pouch Tablet Pouch Steno Notebook Cover Zipper Purses Armrest Pincushion Tea Bag/Card Holder Thread Catch Needle Organizer Tissue Holder Personal Purse Pincushion Paperback Book Cover Coffee Cup Holder Bookmark Tote Bag

Pages: 64p, color, paperback