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patterns & hardware

Aeroplane Bags PT
This set of bags is perfect for travel!

Price: $11.50 each   

Bendy Bag Pattern
Sew the zipper in straight, then bend the bag and stitch to create Bendy's adorable funky shape!

Price: $9.25    

Big Beach Bum Bag Pattern
Additional Images
A big bag to take all your gear to the beach, the lake, a retreat - wherever!

Price: $8.50    

Bitty Bag Fun Pack
Cute, cute, cute!

Price: $16.99    

Camp Stitchalot Bag PT
This large bag has a specific purpose: toting all of your crafting or sewing supplies with you wherever you go!

Price: $11.50 each   

Dot Dot Dash Bag PT
Impress all your sewing friends with your amazing zipper abilities with this hip and stylish bag!

Price: $11.50 each   

Greenbach's Wallet Trio PT
3 separate wallet instructions within the same pattern. At 3 different skill levels, you will get to build on different techniques, or choose your favorite wallet and start with that!

Price: $11.50 each   

Kona Carryall PT
What a great tote for classes! Or shopping, or UFOs or the gym, or, or, or . . . .

Price: $10.25    

Paparazzi Bag PT
This is really a camera bag but will hold your essentials too!

Price: $11.50 each   

Petrillo Bag PT
Great for the woman on the go!

Price: $11.50 each   
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