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Piecing Notions
Great things to help you with your piecing!

A handy tool!

Price: $5.99    

Mini Crafting Iron
Great for classes!

Price: $10.99 each   

Olfa Replacement Blades 1 pack
Replacement Blades 1 blade per pack

Select Size

Price: $0.00    


Olfa Replacement Blades 2 pack
2 blades per pack

Select blade size

Price: $0.00    


Olfa Replacement Blades 5 pack
Replacement blades 5 per pack

Select blade size

Price: $0.00    


Olfa Safety Cutter 45mm-RTY-2/DX

Price: $31.49    

Olfa Safety Cutter 60mm RTY-3/DX

Price: $47.99    

QP Mettler Piecing Basics Bundle
Four spools of one of our favorite threads for your piecing pleasure!

Price: $23.49    

Seam Ripper, WHT Hi-Tech
Debbie's absolute favorite seam ripper!

Price: $4.25    

Vacuum Attachment Kit
Perfect for cleaning the bobbin area!

Price: $12.95